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Listen – Silent


This blog post by Dr. Annette Clancy, our keynote speaker for Much More than Words breakfast event on January 18th caught my eye..

.. Many words will be written on the wind and the sand, or end up in some obscure digital vault. But the storytelling will go on until the last human being stops listening. Then we can send the great chronicle of humanity out into the endless universe.

Who knows? Maybe someone is out there, willing to listen … extract from Dr. Annette Clancy’s blog

Is it really a coincidence that both words in this blog post headline contain the same letters? I think not !

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the organisation as an ’emotional arena’

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‘Good, Bad, Bif, Gone’.

Something I’m reminded of every day and how we tend to make judgements based on our own preferences.  And when we have to adjust our ways of doing something, it’s extraordinary the different emotions this can bring up!  One of the fears most people have is around rejection in some shape or form.  It can stop us progressing an idea, or doing something as basic as making a phone call.  But what lies behind this fear? That’s when what I call a little bit of ‘self dialogue‘ comes into play.  A little conversation with myself to see what’s really going on with this thought process and for which, once I’ve rationalized some usually daft notion, it’s a question of ‘Good, Bad, Bif, Gone’.  Not always an easy process but one which helps me listen to my gut feelings and may well be useful for you too.  Let me explain my perhaps crazy process.  The Good/Bad is the question to myself, does thinking or spending any time at all on whatever the issue good or bad for me.  BIF, a great sounding little word with strong emotion, meaning for me ‘ Chuck it out’, if worrying or even a little moment thinking about something is not going to be in any way productive, get rid of it.  Gone marks the end of it.   Out my head, leaving space for other great thoughts to come to fruition. So that’s it. Thought for the day used for something very specific this morning. ‘Good.Bad.BIF and most definitely GONE’ !  May your day go brilliantly 🙂

Basic Human Needs

Warmth, Daylight, Love

Some years back I’ house and cat sat’ for friends.  As my cottage was due to be renovated at the time and let us say, conditions were fairly primitive, I leapt at the opportunity.  Having to light a stove to heat one room in my cottage simply to keep warm and have hot water is not something I wish on anyone for a prolonged period of time.

water and warmth !

water and warmth !

However, I digress.  One morning during this house sitting gig, I awoke to a winter wonderland and stood in front of the window, basking in the natural daylight which flooded the room and and warmed me to the core.  After an incredibly restorative night’s sleep, when for once I didn’t wake up with either water coming through the roof, or because of the freezing cold wind howling through my cottage, I made my way to the kitchen, luxuriating as I felt the warmth of the house underfoot,  no need to huddle and shiver here as I made my first coffee of the day.  The cats, rubbing gently around my legs, talking as if they too, were welcoming the new day. They’re great company, these cats, they never bother you for food, they’re good natured and love company.  They just like to know you’re there and they remind me that I am not alone.

What’s my point? Gratitude, for this short burst of comfort. Gratitude, for the trust that is bestowed on me.  Gratitude, for I know that even though my cottage is primitive now, it will, before too much longer, be a haven for me.  Gratitude, for the experience of hardship and all this long process of waiting for my home to take shape has taught me.   Gratitude too, for all the good that the hardship seems to have brought me. Gratitude, for the friendships housesitting has given me. Gratitude, for the opportunities for learning experiencing hardships I won’t go into here have taught me.  Gratitude, for the experience of humiliation of business failure and relaunching myself to do what I now do, something I believe I was always meant to do. Gratitude, for life itself.

Mindfulness – A passing Fad?

I recently wrote on Mindfuilness for the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association and drew on my experience of living with Annette Evans and her husband Roland who has MND.  Against all odds I feel they embody all that is indeed Mindfulness. Click to read full article   Mindfulness… A Passing Fad

[quote align=”left” color=”#999999″]Mindfulness … ” A form of secular prayer” Roland Evans October 2014[/quote]

Check out Roland’s book,The Marshlander Chronicles –  ALL proceeds will go to the IMNDA, 



doing nothing

what does it take to think?

I have one speed and generally keep going until I run out of puff.  Every now and then, I stop.  I have to stop. And when I do, my first reaction is that I have wasted time.  An hour, a morning or perhaps occasionally for a whole day…  My initial reaction is annoyance for I feel I have wasted time, which once gone, can never be re-run.  Yet lately, what I’m noticing is that learning to do nothing, giving myself time to think does me good.  It gives my body and mind time to re-charge and at a sub-conscious level, I’m processing a wide range of things. The following day, I  have real clarity about key issues I need to address.

Sometimes, doing 'nothing'makes absolute sense!




Asset or Liability?

With family on the other side of the world, I often read their national newspapers on line just to see what’s going on.  Quite often there are similarities in trends, research and events and it helps to get a different perspective on what are common human issues.  Take for example, a recent survey carried out by Ernst & Young on Productivity in the Workplace.  The New Zealand Herald reports (June 10th) that being treated badly in the workplace and poor communication were the biggest obstacles to increasing output.  Whilst some time was spent on social media during work hours, waiting on other people and time spent on unecessary emailing accounted for an average of one hour and nine minutes time being wasted daily. What workers want it appears to be universal.  Workers want more effective management, more motivation and more recognition.  The question is if what workers want is seemingly so simple, why is it so difficult to get it right?

all it takes is a little minute…

Funny isn’t it.  All it takes is a minute to make a difference to someone’s day. For that matter, for someone else to make our day too.  To go out of our way, to do something however small for someone else, with no expectation of getting something in return. Yet, the majority of the time, our heads are too busy thinking about our own issues and the day is gone, often worrying about something that really doesn’t matter at all. My quest for today and every day, is to consciously do something that does matter… not being a ‘goody two-shoes’. Just being human.