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Basic Human Needs

Warmth, Daylight, Love

Some years back I’ house and cat sat’ for friends.  As my cottage was due to be renovated at the time and let us say, conditions were fairly primitive, I leapt at the opportunity.  Having to light a stove to heat one room in my cottage simply to keep warm and have hot water is not something I wish on anyone for a prolonged period of time.

water and warmth !

water and warmth !

However, I digress.  One morning during this house sitting gig, I awoke to a winter wonderland and stood in front of the window, basking in the natural daylight which flooded the room and and warmed me to the core.  After an incredibly restorative night’s sleep, when for once I didn’t wake up with either water coming through the roof, or because of the freezing cold wind howling through my cottage, I made my way to the kitchen, luxuriating as I felt the warmth of the house underfoot,  no need to huddle and shiver here as I made my first coffee of the day.  The cats, rubbing gently around my legs, talking as if they too, were welcoming the new day. They’re great company, these cats, they never bother you for food, they’re good natured and love company.  They just like to know you’re there and they remind me that I am not alone.

What’s my point? Gratitude, for this short burst of comfort. Gratitude, for the trust that is bestowed on me.  Gratitude, for I know that even though my cottage is primitive now, it will, before too much longer, be a haven for me.  Gratitude, for the experience of hardship and all this long process of waiting for my home to take shape has taught me.   Gratitude too, for all the good that the hardship seems to have brought me. Gratitude, for the friendships housesitting has given me. Gratitude, for the opportunities for learning experiencing hardships I won’t go into here have taught me.  Gratitude, for the experience of humiliation of business failure and relaunching myself to do what I now do, something I believe I was always meant to do. Gratitude, for life itself.

where or what is home?

I’ve been thinking about this alot in recent years as my own circumstances have been changing.  Is home where you’re from, where you’re living, where you have family, where you have friends.  Perhaps the question is really what represents home to you?  For me, it’s a feeling of belonging, where my friends are, somewhere when I wake up in the morning I instinctively feel I am happy and know that I don’t live any place else. Home though, is where I need to have a base.  Somewhere I can always return to.  A place where everything is familiar, in its place. Where I have a few things around me that remind me of my journey through life.  Of the people who have been part that  journey, people who have made a difference to my life and who matter.  People who matter still, even if they are no longer around me.  It’s not about things, status, being seen in certain places.  It is that sense of place.  Of community. A sense of belonging.  Of peace. Home is where I am happy to be and where people who spend time with me, are happy to be there too.