Everything Begins with a Conversation ..

In work and in life it’s good to have someone who asks the difficult questions.  Someone who can see the whole picture.  Someone who can be honest with you and put things in  perspective.  My time is limited and so is yours. Which is why I choose to work with people who make time for what matters most.

I know getting the balance right in life is vital.  You won’t hear about my consultancy work on social media and perhaps only sometimes about the work I do with Much More Than Words, which I founded some years back, a specialist communications coaching consultancy, specialist because context is everything.  


How you do what you do says more about you and what you stand for than you think..

“Janie took me on a huge learning curve. She is focused, brilliantly talented – delivering any message appears to flow out of her with such ease. I was inspired to do better every time I had a session. Her skillset and experience is invaluable.”

Coaching. Creating. Connecting – Everything begins with a Conversation.

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