Everything Begins with a Conversation, the one inside your head and sometimes we don’t quite know where or how to start

How perhaps to open a presentation, to weave together a keynote speech, to create and deliver a signature talk.  How to deliver with impact in person and on-line.  One thing is for sure, context is everything.  Hitting the right note and speaking with confidence, giving value to your audience is an they essential skill.  As important is finding your own style so when you speak, people want to listen and they hear your message.

ROOM to ZOOM – “As Covid19 shut down our country, I was booked in to give a keynote speech for a pharmaceutical company, as part of their Health and Wellness week. The delivery was changed from interacting in a room with a group of people, to a Zoom delivery. Janie took me on a huge learning curve. She is a focused, brilliantly talented teacher. Delivering any message appears to flow out of Janie Lazar with such ease. I listened and I was inspired to do it better, every time I had a session. I could not have carried it off without such encouragement, and input and patience from this powerhouse of a woman. Her skillset and experience is invaluable.”

Janie Lazar is a Coaching Professional, Speaker and Celebrant

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