When you reach the stage of knowing what you like, what you’re good at and realise that is where your ‘focus’ needs to be, nothing else seems to matter but one thing is for sure Conversation matters and it is the foundation of all that I do. Enriched as much, if not more by my personal life experience than professional qualifications! This is true of my work as a speaker, as a coach and also in my role as both a humanist and celebrant.  Each role requires me to understand what is needed, to facilitate and to make every moment matter. Contrast in the work I do is as essential as the air I breathe.


As a coach, my focus is to maximise a client’s performance, be it in their job or a specific task like giving a speech, a presentation or to become a more succinct and confident communicator as a personal goal.



As a celebrant, perhaps at a funeral, naming ceremony or wedding, finding the right words, making the most emotional of days go smoothly is a responsibility I take seriously and believe in ‘celebrating life’ at every stage.


Janie Lazar Brand

My goal is to add value perhaps through seeing your business through a different lens drawing on my own experience. It’s about having a real conversation with you. I know only too well from experience how not to do things.  When you make time for what matters most, you can spend time on what I call ‘us’ work, what that means is team work that is outside our professional lives.  For me that means voluntary as Founder and Speaker Coach for  of TEDxDunLaoghaire and in advocacy as Founder and Chair of End of Life Ireland. Both add richness to my life and use my skills and life experience for something outside of myself.



So yes, Everything  begins with a conversation and context is everything. 

To arrange a time for us to talk, email me, indicating please your requirement in the subject line.

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