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Time Robbers

I love, truly love meeting new people.  Not so much in large groups.  I’m not always comfortable networking for example.  I’m more of a face to face person.  One to one to get to know someone more.  Preferably somewhere where I can actually hear what they’re saying.  Now more than ever, when we’re spending more time looking at a screen of some sort, what I’m seeing is more ‘disconnection’ and as a result a great loss at so many social levels.  So much can be misconstrued by inappropriate abbreviation in texting and emails. Paper trails may be essential for many things but even over the phone, so much more of a connection can be made when you can ‘hear’ the feeling behind what is being said. And in person, that’s where relationships are at their best. Social media has its place. It is of immense value when selectively used.   When, that is and not stealing my most valuable asset of all..

3 ways to save time every day

Three useful ways to improve your daily life !!!

Professional Self Smarter Tip

Only check your emails ….. first thing in the morning, at lunch-time and at the end of the day. Why only 3 times a day? If you’re distracted seeing what’s coming in, you lose sight of what’s really important

Unsubscribe from anything you don’t need now.  Be very selective.  It takes time to delete and scroll through stuff you’ll never go back to

Give yourself a break …  ignore or better still, don’t check emails after you finish working for the day. Knowing what’s come in and what you have facing you in the morning does not help you sleep any better ! Being always available is not good for you, not good for your clients, definitely not good for your personal life – and talking of your personal life, these little changes mean you can make more time for those who matter. When you’re with someone…… one to one…. really listen

1-2-1when you really listen… you’ll be amazed at the difference it will make….

Love your day, when it’s gone, it’s gone!