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Just let it go..

With just three days to go, I moved in. There really is no place like home. Tired. Exhausted. Happy.  Renovations complete. Beautiful job. Fantastic team. Great Builders.  As for people who caused me two years of grief during the whole building process….. It’s time to let it go…

What I’ve learnt is there are some people you cannot talk to, no matter how hard you try. No matter how hard you do the right thing.  If they’re not listening, you’re wasting your time.  Being a Coach and Trainer, there are very few people I come across whose ‘language’ I can’t speak.  Without a doubt there are some peoplewho are easier than others and with whom conversation flows more naturally. There are few though, who are truly unpleasant, difficult and who have serious issues with … everyone and anyone they encounter.  It’s only human to try and get on with others. But sometimes, you’ve just got to let it go.

The truth is how someone behaves says far more about them. So, as Christmas came and went, so did my anger and fruastration.  There are too many other things I can do something about, than waste any more time on things that are past.  Here’s to what comes next

why what you do matters

One of the women on a recent workshop was recovering from a serious brain injury.  Everyone has their story and though we were not party to hers, by the end of the morning, this woman who I’ll call Sarah, I believe had found her purpose.  This was one of my ‘Communicate with Greater Confidence’ workshops geared to providing understanding of how we communicate with others, the learning process, understanding personality types, how to connect.  Sarah has a gift and I believe that morning, through speaking from the heart, she came to realise through her own learning of how to deal with brain trauma, she could help others through public speaking. Helping others to cope with brain trauma and not be afraid.  Every time I teach, I learn.   I love what I do.  In giving someone the confidence to stand up and speak out, to shine a light on their potential and light that spark, I get a huge buzz.  Sarah’s accident was no accident, I feel it happened for a reason, so that she may now really live.

Men and Women !

Whilst giving a workshop recently about personality types and how best to communicate with people, I was asked about the fundamental difference between men and women, how we think and consequently act.  With so much written on the subject, who am I to comment, yet put on the spot the best explanation I could give is summed up by Rebecca West, well known novelist who said c. 1947 “Men see the world by moonlight which shows outlines of every object, but not the details”.  In contrast and at the risk of being accused of generalisation, women tend to get stuck in to the detail, the practicality of what needs to be done and in doing so, take on the supporting rather than leading role.  Therein lies a further question to ponder on, is this an automatic response from years of subconscious conditioning or personal choice?  

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