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Harbouring hurt hijacks..

There’s plenty I don’t understand. Maybe because I am a slow learner.  I learn by doing.  I watch, I take notes (mental or otherwise) and have to put something into practice, then I remember.  Our minds filter out what we don’t need, or what we do not want to remember and may sometimes blind us to what is obvious, which brings me on to the hidden signs of communication.  Sometimes we can be so strong in our belief about something, that perhaps something has a great value to someone else, or an organisation.   The truth is, it may well do yet we get so caught up in what we believe is right, we can lose perspective and  find it hard to know when to pull out or let something go and there’s a tendency to hold on to a little, teeny weeny bit of a resentment if things don’t go the way we feel they should. [quote align=”left” color=”#999999″]Harbouring hurt hijacks our ability to move on[/quote]
Just because we think something has merit and is of value, the time may not be right. We might lose sight of the bigger pictur and then take umbrage, carrying hurt and resentment which distracts us from re-channelling useful energy to something else, where the effort will reap dividends.  So on this bright blue Dublin spring morning, my promise to myself is to find just one ‘teeny weeny’ to let go of. Enjoy your day!