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Why do I?

Go for it, that is. And believe me I do!  Why? quite simply because I can.  People ask how on earth I can swim in the ‘snot green sea’ as described by renowned Irish Novelist James Joyce.  For years I would watch others take the plunge and think them crazy.  Not so long ago, at a time of my life when many of my friends and peers were slowing down, I was starting out again, facing many challenging situations.  Some far tougher than I imagined possible.  At that time, I felt if I could get into the Irish sea, I could face just about everything! When now I dive into the water at the 40′ and submerge myself totally, I can honestly say there is nothing as energising.  All stress vanishes whilst my senses zing to life.  IMG_0371

If a day goes by when I don’t get to swim, somehow the day doesn’t feel quite right or have the same energy about it. Even in the winter. Lately, I have heard that in the US, people are paying exorbitant amounts of money to immerse themselves in freezing water.  Here in Ireland, we have it for free. And by contrast, we happily pay for bottled water!!

Like one of my swimming buddies here,I’d encourage you to just go. Push the Boundaries. Go for it. Now is the best time of the year to start!!!

If you are lucky, you may see Dolphins.  If you are very lucky, maybe porpoises breaking the water.  Cormorants. Seals. Wild geese.  Sunrises to make your heart soar.  And should you swim by the light of the moon at full tide, you’ll be very blessed.  Always swim with others. Be safe.  Enjoy what nature gives and we have here in abundance.


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