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would you push for promotion?

A recent study showed 4 out of 8 men would NOT push themselves forward for a job promotion for which they were more or less able to do, compared with 6 out of 8 women.  Combine this with the way in which women consistently under-estimate their skills and small wonder that there are so few women in leadership roles.  Time are changing, however, it is still food for thought…….

challenging myself…every day

On top of the usual daily challenges, there’s one in particular that I dread and simulteously relish.  A quick dip in the Irish Sea.  Yes, absolute madness and really no big ordeal really.  At the very moment my body hits the water, I can think of nothing else.  Any worries or concerns I have are gone.  In this beautiful moment, I experience the joy of utter clarity for I can think of nothing else. I know I am truly alive and thankful for being so.  My kiwi friends on the beautiful island of Waiheke think I’m crackers and swear I can only do it thanks to my ‘Irish wet-suit’ and they are right.  A few years ago I used to think exactly the same.  With changing circumstances, I knew there were going to be many things I would have to push myself to do and thought if I could get into the Irish Sea even in wintertime, then anything is possible.  And so it is and most days I’ll zip down to the Forty Foot in Sandycove for a quick dip.  Mind over matter, yes it is!

If you’ve challenges to meet, sometimes you’ve just got to tackle them head on and push through those seemingly impossible barriers.  The real question is do you really want something enough to make that commitment to change?

A Quick Dip in the Irish Sea by Heather McKay

A Quick Dip in the Irish Sea by Heather McKay

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A not so simple question…

If you had no constraints, what is the one thing that if you achieved it would make the most positive impact on your life?

What do you really want

When Steve Jobs addressed students in 2005 at their graduatation ceromony, he said he asked himself every day if he was happy with what he was to be doing that day. If the answer was no for quite a few days, then he knew he had to change things. He told graduates to live every day as if it were to be your last.  Do what makes you happy. 

So now you’ve identified what you really want, list up to 10 things that you need to do to achieve this with put the most important 3 at the top.

Now go for it and do something on that list every day. If you don’t, then you’ll see you’re just interested…. not committed….. to achieving your real goals. 

janie-saysFACT: People with written goals achieve far more.

Research shows that goal setters tend to achieve more than those who do not.   Once we have a clear goal, a purpose, doing something we love,  we achieve far more and are far happier in our lives.

bubble2Make the most of your day!