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Being a ‘Plus’1

Being a ‘Plus 1’ unexpectedly can go either way and last night I had the pleasure of being at a company gathering in Dublin.  Aside from the extremely high level of thoughtfulness that had gone into ensuring guests were looked after, what struck me the most was how ‘in sync‘ the team were.  For the first time in ages, I experienced the great feeling of a company culture, that was exciting, a company ethos that didn’t need words, you felt the loyalty.  Each and every person I encountered showed a genuine interest in getting to know you and just as remarkable in the true sense of that word, was the feeling of PRIDE in being part of the company at a pivotal time in the company’s re-structuring.  A sense of quiet confidence which comes from excellent product quality and leadership with vision and a real desire to do what’s right for the future of its employees, just ‘doing’the right thing.’  My faith in good business practice thankfully was given a big reminder there are still great companies out there 🙂