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When to walk

The issue of collaboration constantly arises – regardless of company size, organisational type, in a professional or personal capacity.  Or more accurately, what is to be done when deadlines approach and you’re getting no-where fast.  For me, it’s always a tough one.  As a business coach and a trainer specialising in communication – yep, you get the picture.  BUT it has to be about the deliverables.  As the old saying goes, the show must go on and unless it is truly a question of life or death, then it’s a question of doing whatever it takes. Job done, then it’s time to withdraw and stop ‘sweeping water uphill with a rake’. I do my best to separate the behaviour from the person, as who knows what’s been going on in the life of the perhaps unwitting saboteur.  But hold on, shouldn’t that work both ways?  It’s been a tough week and I’m relieved that my sister is ok….  Perspective. Perspective. Perspective.