Glutes ! When did I fall apart?

Today’s post is short.  The focus Glutes. Specifically mine. The solution is fear and I want you on this journey with me. Not laughing at me, just maybe with me.  And feeling my pain or at the very least feeling for me as the pain gets to me!

Now I don’t know about you but the thought of the gym fills me with terror.  As does diving into dark water down at the 40′ now the water temperature has become dangerously low for softies like me.

A Quick Dip in the Irish Sea by Heather McKay

A Quick Dip in the Irish Sea by Heather McKay

Which brings me back to the topic of glutes.  It’s easy to admire fine glutes in a fellow hill walker.  It’s easy to say get out walking more, climb those hills, go up and down those steps and you’ll soon build up. But it’s the time of year when I just want to stay close to the wood burning stove and just, well chill in that way, rather than in freezing water or on the top of some hill.  Yep. It’s all about ‘hugge’ right now when we’re tired, it’s dark outside and coming up to that time of year when we just want to relax a while. What’s all this got to do with Glutes, you may well ask and I hope in time, all will become clear and you’ll just humour me.

Joking aside, back to the issue of Glutes.  I have it seems a few things to contend with right now and I’m not a person to be sick or unwell, rather one who just gets on with it.  But, it has made me think or rather rethink about mindset yet again and know that for 2017, all of my work will have mental toughness as a key ingredient.

Fear stops us doing most things and it is my intention, not a resolution, but serious intention to focus on the fear and use it as my strength. So I am curious, what’s your weakspot?  What’s the one thing you need to do and go to any lengths to put off? Where do you falter? email and tell me all

Look out Glutes, no mercy this time around…

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