Cleaning for the Cleaner?

Obsessive? Never …

Long gone are the days of having the luxury of having a cleaner and that’s a good thing.  It’s good in that there’s pleasure to be taken in a simple job well done and giving it due time and attention. What I’ve come to re-appreciate is that I like an orderly home. I like to work with a clear space around me.  When I do, I can channel my energy into good work.  So why, when working away from home for a week, did I take so much stuff with me that I crowded my space and as a result, no concrete work at the laptop was done!  Instead, I took off to the great outdoors. What it did was to remind me of what’s important.  In getting outside to clear my head, I found myself surrounded by the staggering beauty of Valentia Island, off season.  Where the landscape is overwhelmingly beautiful.  Where I realised the value of simple being…  One of those lightbulb moments.  With the recognition of being happy in my own company – cats being the exception at the time – I was able to piece together a new workshop I’d been conceptualising.  Result, albeit inadvertently achieved.

As for the connection with cleaning for the cleaner, well, apart from the obsessive nature of having done that often in a previous life, house-sitting calls for a different skill-set.  Apart from the care you lavish on someone else’s home and their pets. you are there to care, simply care, for their home.   And most importantly, it is remembering to make sure everything is back in its place and there is no sign that you were ever there! The power of focus, not allowing an obsessive nature to take over and just letting things be.  Whether it is letting a cleaner do what they are meant to do or leaving someone’s home the way they left it.

‘Sure… ‘ as we say in Ireland, ‘I knew that anyway.’…

Love your day !!


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