a sitting duck

I facilitate an awful lot.  Only in recent years have I recognised I can control tricky situations.  It may not be to everyone’s satisfaction, but sometimes, yes, sometimes it can go ‘pear-shaped’ and you have to ride it out.  You cannot let the behaviour of one individual affect the enjoyment of a group.  Such an experience happened recently when sadly the person responsible for causing disruption took umbrage and stormed off. Yes, I was swiped with the ‘wet mackerel’. I was that sitting duck.  That night the show had to go on.  What did I learn? That no matter what you do, sometimes, if the ‘lid is going to flip and you’re in it’s way, you’ll get the full blast. Nothing can be done except ride it out.  Expect nothing but silence. Rarely will anyone come forward to reassure you that you did all you could and in all likelihood, they would have done the same.  Certainly there will be opinions on how else it could have been handled.  In the end whatever you decided to do, you did your best, at that time with all the knowledge, experience and good intention possible. I did.  Regardless, I am sure, I’ll be the one to ‘carry the can’. And you know something, in this case, that’s okay by me.

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