why don’t I take my own advice?

the other day I was using a friends’ amazing computer and it made me realize how I’ve been putting off the inevitable….. buying the best I can that suits my needs. Right now.  All the time, I’m saying to my clients, buy the best you can afford, dress in a style that suits you, invest in good quality clothes that make you feel comfortable and good.  The same with books, with training, with the quality of food you eat.  Use the best accountant, marketing consultant, web designer.. you get the picture. Fast-tracking personally and professionally makes sense, so why don’t we do it more?

every single day, every hour, every minute, we have the power to make better choices.  To do the best we can, with what we have available (or can get legally and ethically!). And to do what we’ve promised to do, even after the desire to do so has long gone. That’s commitment.  Talking to a friend on Skype in Sydney yesterday, reminded me of the tremendous power that choice gives  and the endless possibilities when we share our knowledge, without  looking for something in return.

As for that new computer, sorted.yes. this very morning. janie-says I deserve the best and so do you.

Make the most of the day, while you have the power to choose!


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